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Atlas Geo Bi

Atlas system is a data storage, management and visualization system. In the Atlas system, you can create a database of all kinds of organizational data and create management dashboards from this information. A variety of strategic, operational and status dashboards that help you make better decisions and make your activities effective and efficient.


The Main Features

The Main Advantage


GeoBI is business intelligence that makes use of geospatial information. Business intelligence supports better business decision making leading to new revenue opportunities, improved cost visibility, and better risk management.


Sales Plans

You can choose one of the interactive models according to your needs and resources. In the full user subscription mode, the customer has access to all system features from the data management panel, report generation, dashboard creation and management in a certain period of time, and in the dashboard user subscription, he will only have access to customized dashboards in a certain period of time.


Displaying reports at the same time

Displaying all types of graphical, geographic and graph reports together for data visualization

Online connection to field data

Updating reports generated based on field data changes online

High speed of the data collection process

Crowdsourcing to gather data through form builder in mobile application

Variety of information filters

The existence of more than 200 different filters in various categories

Customization and plugin creation

The ability to customize filters, reports and dashboards according to the user›s needs

No programming

Production of new types of reports and dashboards without the need for programming knowledge

A variety of charts

Pie Chart, Column chart , Surface Diagram, Linear Graph, Stacked Chart , Gauge Chart


The ability of applying filters, generating dashboards and special display conditions for each user

Dynamic Dashboard

Automatic update of dashboard reports with data changes

Our Customers

All Companies

that deal with a lot of data

and have understood the necessity of databased decision-making and have understood the necessity of databased decision-making are customers of the Atlas software. In fact, the Atlas software is the best solution for organizations that need complete and accurate control of data and maximum use of it, and cost and time optimization is one of their concerns.